EMSeva is currently in active operations in Pune. We intend to start operations in other cities soon.
EMSeva aims to disrupt the existing model of customer taking their vehicles to service centres.
EMSeva is,
Convenient – the Service Centre comes to your doorstep (office or home),
Economical – Saves money as well time spent on commuting to & fro. Quality at affordable price,
Transparent If you wish, the vehicle can be serviced in your presence. Rest assured about Genuine Spares, Quality Lubricants etc.
It takes 45-60 minutes for a complete servicing. Additional services may take more time, and may cost extra.
EMSeva is a Mobile Service Van, which can come to your work place as well as residential premises.
Yes, we will. EMSeva aims to provide services to groups of customers at single locations as well as to individual customers. Under groups of customers, we offer service in private campus i.e. at select Corporate / Residential Locations, where participation is limited to members / employees / authorised personnel only. Under individual customer, upon booking, we send our mechanic to the customer’s convenient location & time. We request that our customers pre-register if they wish to avail our services.
The upcoming schedule is available on our website. Our website lists all upcoming camp locations.
Appointments can be booked online at our site or offline if you call us. The online/website option offers a great degree of options. Please note that for Private camps, you MUST have permission / access to the selected venue.