Our Vision

  • We bring the Service Centre to your location – no more hassles, just convenience.


  • We provide cost effective, quality services designed to delight. Saves money and precious time.


  • We use Genuine Spares, Quality Lubricants & Special Tools with quality checks at every point!


Standard Seva Service Package @Rs. 350!

  • Washing and Cleaning
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Spark Plug Cleaning
  • Both Brake Setting
  • Clutch Setting
  • Chain Setting
  • Lights checking
  • Overall oiling
  • Battery checking
  • Tyre pressure checking
  • Oil Change (Extra at MRP)

Note: Individual customers are not allowed to attend Private service camps.

Public Service Camps

Open to all!


EMSeva was born from this vision: to overcome the negative image of traditional automobile service centres and bring respectability to the industry.

EMSeva organizes servicing camps at specific locations like office campuses, it parks, medium & large manufacturing units, education institutes, hostels, residential & commercial complexes; however they also welcome individual bookings, for people who wish to avail their services at their doorstep.

EMSeva’s goal is to make your vehicle servicing experience hassle-free. EMSeva’s team of experienced mechanics work on your vehicle, ensuring a thorough and efficient process using only genuine spares, quality lubricants and special tools.

We offer high-quality servicing which includes washing, cleaning, clutch, break & chain setting, spark plug & air filter cleaning, oiling, battery, tyre pressure & lights checking, oil change and a lot more. We also undertake other repairs at very reasonable extra cost.


Sushil was born and raised into his family business. He is the second generation in authorized spares & service dealership of Bajaj Auto, joined at 1981. After 15 years of valuable first hand experience in this field, he decided to venture out on his own. He formed a company to manufacture continuous computer stationery, nurtured it to a closely held limited company with a large client base of 100+ corporates & institutions.

Soon after, he formed Omkarnet Impex Pvt. Ltd., where he managed trading, import and export of genuine two-wheeler spare parts to few Asian, African & Latin American countries. Eventually, his history with entrepreneurship caught up with him, and discarding age as a barrier, at 50, he founded EMSeva in 2015. His vision with EMSeva is to have a pan-India, mobile two-wheeler servicing facility that is convenient, transparent and economical. As of August 2016, EMSeva has conducted over 100+ camps across 85+ locations in Pune having serviced 2600+ two wheelers in less than a year.


Savita has always been oriented towards business. Her knowledge of the financial world’s operation led her to become a Director from an Accounts Assistant of a privately held limited company in 1997. She managed the computer stationery company for 15 years, before becoming a Director of Omkarnet Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Along with Sushil Bora, Savita has managed the trading and import & export of genuine spare parts to various Asian, African & Latin American countries. However, when Sushil decided to throw himself back into entrepreneurship and start EMSeva, Savita followed suit as CFO.

Savita, having already worked with Sushil in the past, has developed EMSeva into a strong company.

500 +
Private and Public Camps
100 +
Locations Serviced
6000 +
Total Vehicles Serviced


Q. In what cities is EMSeva available?

A. EMSeva is currently in active operations in Pune. We intend to start operations in other cities soon.

Q. Why should I service my two wheeler from EMSeva?

A. EMSeva aims to disrupt the existing model of customer taking their vehicles to service centres. EMSeva is, Convenient – the Service Centre comes to your doorstep (office or home), Economical – Saves money as well time spent on commuting to & fro. Quality at affordable price, Transparent – If you wish, the vehicle can be serviced in your presence. Rest assured about Genuine Spares, Quality Lubricants etc.

Q. How much time does it take to service my vehicle?

A. It takes 45-60 minutes for a complete servicing. Additional services may take more time, and may cost extra.

Q. Where is your workshop located?

A. EMSeva is a Mobile Service Van, which can come to your work place as well as residential premises. EMSeva also bases this Van at select BPCL Petrol Stations, at different days of the month. Please register for an upcoming camp near your location.

Q. Will you attend to individual customer requests ?

A. Yes, we will. EMSeva aims to provide services to groups of customers at single locations as well as to individual customers. Under groups of customers, we offer two options – Public (located at select BPCL Petrol Stations, on select days) or Private (at select Corporate / Residential Locations, where participation is limited to members / employees / authorised personnel only). Under individual customer, upon booking, we send our mechanic to the customer’s convenient location & time. We request that our customers pre-register if they wish to avail our services.

Q. How do I know the location of the EMSeva Van?

A. The upcoming schedule is available on our website. Our website lists all upcoming camp locations.

Q. What is a public camp?

A. These are EMSeva Camps arranged and located at select BPCL Petrol Stations near your location. These are open to all. However, we still prefer that you register for your servicing, within this camp.

Q. What is a private camp? How can I find out the location for the next EMSeva camp?

A. EMSeva also organizes Private Service camps in IT Parks, Medium & Large Industries, Education Institutes, Hostels, Commercial & Residential Complexes, etc., where only members / employees / ID carrying people are permitted at the location.

Q. How can I book an appointment?

A. Appointments can be booked online at our site or offline if you call us. The online/website option offers a great degree of options. Please note that for Private camps, you MUST have permission / access to the selected venue.

Q. I do not use Internet or have an email address, how can I book a Service appointment?

A. You can call us on +91 9527 22 8811.